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Growth through diversity:
talent, geography and business models

The Australian Entertainment & Media Outlook 2016 - 2020, our fifteenth edition

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2016 is the fifteenth year PwC Australia has been producing its industry bible, the Entertainment & Media Outlook. Forecasting revenues in advertising and consumer/end-user expenditure for five year periods - this year covering 2016-2020 - is the Outlook’s centerpiece. Accompanying revenue forecasts for the 12 sectors is a range of commentary, insights, infographics and interviews with industry professionals.

The year that was: 2015

6.4 percent growth to $38.9 billion, made up of 5.1 percent growth in consumer spending to $24.0 billion and 8.7 percent growth in advertising to $14.9 billion.

Our forecasts: 2016-2020

4.1 percent total market CAGR to reach $47.4 billion, consumer spending 3.7 percent CAGR to reach $28.7 billion and advertising 4.7 percent CAGR to reach $18.7 billion.

Special features

Growth through diversity: talent, geography and business models
- Interview with Catriona Noble, ANZ
- Interview with Damien Bray, Brand New Media Asia
- Interview with Jenny Zhang, Totem Pictures
- Interview with Michael Ebeid, SBS

The future of Australian content

Our thanks

Thank you to the industry professionals who generously gave their time and insights in interviews to our team and to the data suppliers who supplied or supported data collection and forecasts: Standard Media Index (SMI) and MediaScope. See a full list in the acknowledgements.

E & M talent search

To understand how diverse the entertainment and media industries are, we used PwC’s Geospatial Economic Model and census data to find out where we live, what languages we speak and the gender mix. We have split this by location, as defined by the latest census, and by industry as defined by the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC).

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Steering committee

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